The night i met the LOVE of my Life!

I have been really thinking to blog since a year but somehow it didn’t happen. Finally! today I decided to start the engines of mind and managed to get something down.

I would like to dedicate my first Blog to the Love of my Life aka My Main Man aka My husband aka my inspiration to start writing again..Yes again 🙂

You guys should grab some popcorn, this might be long 0_0

My friend Dhisha had just moved from Hyderabad to the city of dreams – Bombay.. oooppss Mumbai (don’t want any political trouble). I ended up meeting her often to help her settle down in the new city. I used to work hard and party hard. You know life is much more care free when you are single.

One night we were chatting up about lot of things and of-course ‘Boys’ was one of the hot topic. She wanted to hook me up with someone but honestly at that point in my life I was really not looking to get into any relationship. She mentioned that one of her very good looking Sindhi friend is going to visit the city and I lost interest when she mentioned the word ‘Sindhi’, though the picture screamed “Good looks, Good looks & Good looks”. We just laughed off and continued our usual chit-chat.

P.S. – Yes I was racist towards sindhi’s and look what happened, karma got back to me and I am happily married to one :p

The next day Dhisha calls me saying she is going to dinner with some friends and I have to join her. Like a regular day I got done with work, came back home got ready and left. So we had to pick up her friend from a pub near my house and then go for dinner. I was driving and Dhisha was sitting next to me, we reach the place and her friend makes himself comfortable in the back seat of my car. I looked into my rear view mirror and realised: “ohhh its that guy from the photo I saw the other day”. Dhisha did the formal introductions: “Urvashi this is Amit, Amit this is Urvashi”. We head over to another pub and settle ourselves there.

So I am the only one binging on food as these two are busy drinking (yes, I was a tee-totaler). We all were just chatting and chilling and later called it a night. (No, nothing happened at first sight.. no violins, no birds and no number exchanging)

On 21st of January 2013 it was Swedish House Mafia’s last tour as a band in the city and I had a pass with me but I was not at all planning to go for it especially because it was on a freaking Friday at 5pm. Amit had specially flown down from Hyderabad for this concert and since Dhisha was planning to go with him, she told me to tag along as well. Though, it was a busy working day for me but I didn’t mind going for this concert. Here I’d like to profess my love for concerts and music.

We headed out in my car for the concert and by we I mean Dhisha, Amit, one of his zillion cousin & me. The traffic jam was horrible as if the entire city was going to the same place and yes it was. Somehow, we reached the venue at the right time as the concert had just started. Amit’s cousin also flew down from Hyderabad for the concert; some enthusiasm I must say! (btw he is my cousin brother-in-law now).

SHM concert (L to R – Me, Amit, Dhisha)

My husband says that I was quite cold with him and didn’t show any interest in him. Duhhh damn right at that time I wasn’t but we had a nice time and I was as usual high on Red bull (tee-totaler alert). The night came to an end and we all dispersed to our “respective” homes. (Yes! nothing happened on the second time either.. no violins, no birds and no number exchanging)

The next day Amit flew back to his city and I got back to my routine life. I must say this guy I met was quite decent and didn’t try any tricks with me so it was nice hanging out with him.

In this day and age of social media it’s so easy to connect with someone who is miles and miles away from you. One day Amit added me on Facebook and we started chatting online. To make our lives easier we exchanged BBM pins (it was a rage that time) and on that day we ended up chatting till 4am in the morning; Let me tell you all something about me: I am NOT a chat person at all; I’d rather pick up the phone and have a conversation. It struck me that no one has ever been so interesting for me to chat with for so many hours and that too a guy who’s not even in my city. BOOM!

This went on for sometime, we started chatting more and more… long phone conversations, surprises and all that. He was someone who was like my sounding board which he still is. He was my best friend who never ever judged me or my life and was there for me whenever I needed him and sometimes even when I didn’t 😉

5 months of dating long distance, getting engaged on the 6th month and being married exactly 1year of knowing each other. This has been my most most most beautiful phase of life. The fairy tale wedding with my Prince charming (I like to be cheesy sometimes) :p

Being married to him is Awe-some 😀 Brofist!



Wedding Day!


12 thoughts on “The night i met the LOVE of my Life!

  1. Awesome it is….from the 1st meeting to the day of marriage…
    but i was wondering if we could get to know about the proposal day,things like that are too much interesting…


  2. Super like to the blog.. Thats what I call being romantic. Loved the way u penned down your love story – simple but lovely. .. God bless you both will happiness forever.


  3. Hey I ain’t a blog person..
    But te simplicity n ” te natural flow of yr blog
    Was gripping n ” liked te realness of it…
    (….no making it luk over te top)
    Fab …way to go (Must confess missed te popcornz)


  4. Oh my goodness ! I think I just sat at my desk with a smile plastered on my face the entire time I read this. So beautifully written- I could almost feel the love coming from this post. Lucky you 🙂


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