Hello lovely people, Welcome to my World. My name is Urvashi and my friends call me Uru, kapoor, cuppy and some other names which i cannot reveal here 😉

I have lived most of my life in Ahmedabad (Thanks to Mr. Modi for putting us on the map) and some in Pune, United Kingdom, Mumbai (i still like to call it Bombay) and now settled in Hyderabad.

Always been connected to Media and Entertainment, I was a Bollywood celebrity manager (sounds cool..huh) and now juggling with couple of different things till i find something to do forever. I view life as one giant adventure, everyday pleasure and small luxuries which makes each day more wonderful and sparkly.

So, come hop onto this ride where i share all the different adventures of life with you. It’s gonna be a fun one!

Please feel free to write to me anytime be it your suggestion, comment, things you’ll like me to try, your new findings. There’s nothing i love more than discovering the various wonders of this life!



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